The Real Reason Behind the Oscar Game

Maybe I'm just being crazy and a conspiracy theory nut, but while I think the oscar show game is something people wanted, I think there is a different reason this game was created.

My theory is this is a way to test side games/customizable leagues. They are using this as a dry run to test people's interest in side games, as well as how to actually do it all on the site. Maybe I'm crazy, and maybe this has been discussed earlier somewhere else but does anyone else share my opinion/hopes that this may lead to customizable leagues?

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  • People have been asking for customizable leagues almost from the beginning. And with that said people were asking like crazy last year for some sort of side game for the Awards. Killing 2 birds with one stone?

  • sounds good to me; bring it on!

  • It possible. But what does 'customizable' leagues even mean? At most it's going to be a few options to click or unclick (BP bonus on/off, PC bonus on/off), or maybe different values for the bonuses. I can't see us getting anymore than that. Nothing as customizable as this i.e. our own pricing or film selections or rules.

  • Customization could go so far as adding in your own scoring system if you want. You could customize this to include anything you can make prediction markets of: sports, competition shows (Survivor, Bachelor, etc), politics, Walking Dead death draft... Anything.

    I play a monthly Box Office game at another site and their format would be perfect if you could customize the categories, prices, and timing.

  • Yes, which would require each account being programmed to have x number of separate line ups, each with varying methods of calculation, each method of calculation needing to be programmed in doing so, this will create a a massive increase in website bandwidth usage and require, I'd imagine, an increase in cost and personnel.

    I don't see it happening. Not the point they have to design and maintain a system which requires the ability to change the prices. I don't know crap about programming or coding, but I do know if it was easy and feasible to have proper forums, or customisable leagues, they'd probably have tried it by now. I'm not sure what exactly went into this oscar game, but I imagine it took a fraction of the effort managing customisable leagues would be.

  • I liked this though.... maybe next year they do this with the entire "Awards season" and have like 5 weeks of the "Awards Game":
    Critics Choice Awards
    Golden Globe Awards
    Screen Actors Guild Awards
    Satellite Awards
    Academy Awards

    I'd love to throw in there the Razzies, but, being the night before the Oscars, that is too small of a window.

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